Seymour Community Library

Internet Use Policy

Policy for using computers and the internet.

Computer Use Policy

What is an Acceptable Use of Our Computers?

 In order to provide appropriate access for all users, the library has established computer usage guidelines, which are available through the log-in screen of public access computers and on our website. Use of the library computers implies acceptance of these guidelines; violations result in loss of computer privileges. Our system is monitored to ensure adherence to library policies. Any person, including a minor child, who uses a library computer, must have a valid library card in their own name. A list of computer users will be retained for security purposes. Illegal acts involving library resources may be subject to prosecution by local, state or federal officials.

The Internet is a public medium. Content filtering technology is not fail-safe. Users are advised that there can be no expectation of privacy for any transmission or transactions conducted on our public computers. Additionally, the Internet contains a wide variety of material and opinions: not all sources provide information that is accurate, complete or current.

When using library computers patrons must agree to follow these rules. Willful disregard of these rules may result in a loss of computer privileges.

1. Patrons must use their own library card to log on. Using another person’s card can result in suspension.

2. Obscenity, pornography and other material deemed harmful to minors may not be viewed.

3. Do not attempt to gain access to the library network or to any outside network for which permission has not been given.

4. Actions that violate any local, state or federal law are prohibited.

5. Patrons should be considerate of all users. One person per computer unless a second person is providing instruction or assisting in computer usage.

6. All applicable laws regarding copyright must be obeyed.

7. Computers may not be used to conduct commercial activities, i.e. operate a business within the library.

8. Patrons may not employ library computers for the purpose of libel, slander, or any form of harassment.

9. Do not download or install programs onto library computers.

10. If the computer acts contrary to what is normal, please do not try to fix the computer yourself. Ask library staff for assistance.

SAVING: If you wish to save your work, do not save it to the computer. When the computer is restarted, any personal work or data will be erased. Please provide your own storage device.

PRINTING: Pages printed from the computers are charged per page. If you are not sure how to print only what you want, please see library staff. You are required to pay for all pages printed. Please be careful when printing.

WI-FI: Wireless access is filtered and patrons agree to abide by all applicable library computer use policies. The library does not guarantee the security of patron computers or data while they are using the wireless connection. Printing to the library printers is not available from wireless devices. Library staff is not able to provide technical assistance and no guarantee can be made that patrons will be able to make a wireless connection.